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Data Center Transformation with Microsoft Azure

A Comprehensive, Platform Agnostic and Non-Disruptive Approach

Datacenter Transformation with Microsoft Azure Cloud

Operating in the cloud has moved quickly from being an interesting and novel concept just a few years ago to becoming a core part of any organization’s technology strategy.

Cloud adoption is on the rise. Today, more than 62 percent of organizations are using the cloud as a platform for modernizing their IT environments, and 87 percent plan to integrate their on-premises datacenter with the public cloud.

What’s driving this change? With 80 percent of global IT budgets dedicated to the maintenance and nearly a third of IT time spent on administrative tasks, organizations are finding the business efficiencies and cost savings of operating in the cloud increasingly attractive. As summarized in the Enterprise Cloud Strategy ebook available from Microsoft, “The macroeconomics of the cloud means cloud vendors can achieve economies of scale that no single enterprise can, and there are many opportunities [that the cloud offers] for cost savings.”

A few benefits of digital data center transformation using Microsoft Azure Cloud are :

CapEx to OpEx : The cloud transforms an organization’s IT cost model. Unlike on-premises hardware and infrastructure, which must be depreciated over time as a capital expenditure, the cloud is accountable as a predictable operating expense, accounted for differently than a capital expense.
Datacenter Modernization: Many organizations have significant investments in datacenters and equipment already in place. As these investments are depreciated, the need to update and modernize can represent additional significant expenditures.
Increasing Security Risks: The need to protect against modern and ever-changing threats, meet and exceed regulatory requirements, and plan for business continuity in the event of a catastrophic event all add complexity and cost to supporting an on-premises IT environment.
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Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Infographic – Microsoft Azure : Transforming The Datacenter

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