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Data Intelligence with Microsoft Azure

Leverage New AI-Driven Data Intelligence Technologies to Unlock Powerful Business Opportunities

Data Intelligence with Azure Cloud

Effective data analytics provides enormous business value for many organizations. As ever-greater amounts of diverse data become available, analytics can provide even more value. But to benefit from this change, your organization needs to embrace the new approaches to data analytics that cloud computing makes possible.

Microsoft Azure provides a broad set of cloud technologies for data analysis, all designed to help you derive more value from your data.

Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service makes it easier for enterprises to securely connect, manage, capture, and transform machine-generated data from line-of-business assets, such as industry devices and sensors, regardless of operating system.

A few benefits of Intelligent Data Analysis using Microsoft Azure Cloud are :

Connect technology assets—regardless of device form factor, operating system or intelligence—to other devices, cloud-based services, and infrastructure.
Configure rules that define actions on devices to automate and improve business processes.
Efficiently capture, store, join, visualize, analyze, and share data to drive meaningful business insights.
Remotely manage monitoring, maintenance, data transfer, deployment of software, and configuration on convenient asset dashboards.
Address variable demands with scalable and efficient data collection and storage in the cloud. Innovate on top of Intelligent Systems Service to create rich, customized experiences.
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See How Microsoft Azure Cloud can help you build enterprise-level intelligence into your applications and processes so you can start benefiting from your data.

Azure Data Intelligence Framework

Near real-time analytics with dynamic visualization allows decision makers to act quickly and confidently on new insights.

Azure Data Intelligence Framework


Machine learning allows data scientists to build always-improving solutions. We can help you use it to build intelligent applications that automate decisions and augment employee workflows for more efficient business practices.


Deep learning is a sub-category of machine learning. Centered on the use of advanced neural networks, it’s one of the biggest reasons for the recent growth of AI.


Through a solid understanding of your business objectives and challenges, we will work with you to create dynamic, always-current reports that allow users to cross-filter visuals, drill down, and perform ad-hoc natural language queries

Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems

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